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FOUNDATION – The total time to complete this phase of the program takes approximately 1 year. The student starts by learning a diverse set of base skills that will gradually make them more comfortable with double and single sticks, as well as knife and empty hand. The sticks are used to build hand-eye coordination, fluidity, and speed. The Foundation Ranks are Yellow, Orange, and Red, with Red Belt considered a graduation from the Foundation. 
CORE – This phase will typically take a student approximately 3 years to complete. The Core material builds upon the foundation skills and starts to coach a student in applying the skills they have to real world situations. Stick techniques can be translated into knife or empty hand. The Core Ranks are Purple, Blue, and Green, with Green belt considered a graduation from the Core material. 
ADVANCED – The advanced phase will take approximately 3 years. Advanced students can apply their material to sparring and real world scenarios. They will learn how to fight multiple opponents and integrate modern weaponry such as firearms and improvised weapons. Advanced drills begin to combine the foundation and core material into more fluid practice that utilizes all of the material they have learned to this point. The Advanced ranks are Brown belt, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree brown belt, with 3rd degree considered graduation from the advanced material, and the student is now a candidate for Black Belt.

Weekly Classes

A typical class will consist of working with a partner as you learn to feed and respond with various attacks. Depending on your level in the art, classes can include weapons training with sticks, knives, practice pistols, and improvised weaponry. We also train with striking pads, shadow boxing, ground fighting, joint locking, and sparring.


Progression in the art requires a student to pass examination. After testing, which is considered a commitment to the art, a student will earn the title of Arnisador. Rank exams are designed to test a student's ability as they advance through the material. Tests are progressively more difficult, but are very rewarding.

Belt Colors & Certificates

The Rank sequence, corresponding level, and the approximate time to achieve -

Rank advancement is based on the student's progression through ALL of the material listed.


It begins with Yellow Belt – a student is required to have a fundamental ability and understanding of all Foundation material. Ranks continue through Black Belt, when a student needs to have a fundamental ability and understanding of ALL material.

Each rank has an approximate time to qualify.
(denoted as a number on each colored rank)


The number to the far left of each rank is the corresponding level.

 RED Belt is a graduation from the Foundation Material.
 Green Belt is a graduation from the Core Material.
 3rd Degree Brown Belt is a graduation from the Advanced Material.
The Black Belt test puts all three classifications of material into one comprehensive test.
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